How to Survive as a Mental Patient

I’m just here to tell you

you can get through life with a broken brain

so long as you can daydream

of a time before the shame.

Warm in the arms of a mother that never was,

a father that isn’t yours but could be

if you were born someone other

than his patient.  

If you go to hospital you have to play along,

it’s like marching in the band again:

keep in time, take your turn,

don’t improvise. You can not leave until you perform

their music through to the final note.

Never make sense when you write,

keep them guessing: is she mad

or just a failed writer or both?

Your amygdala is out of line.

You can put it all on Instagram but don’t forget

you have to hint at DID to be on trend.

Don’t mention that you’re borderline

unless your scars are wild.

No one likes a sad sack, neediness is not in vogue,  

so dry those tears and dress your words in opposition,

“You think you know me?” That’s a useful line.

“I’ve seen it all. I like the voices in my head.”

You have to make them think

the darkness is your friend.

Disown your body, forget yourself,

cry a bit then go to bed.

Published by sarcasticfringehead

I'm an adult survivor of child abuse who documents therapy; a yellow brick road to hell.

9 thoughts on “How to Survive as a Mental Patient

  1. Wow. It makes me want to cry. So sad, the need to hide yourself or market something or to be cute or cool or visibly damaged. It’s beautiful, but awful. It’s the truth about masks. it’s haunting.


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